Selene Mini Dress - iamwomen Print

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Wear art in this unique iamwomen print. Exclusively designed in collaboration with Cass Deller. 

We collaborated with Cass Deller to design this exclusive print. Our inspiration stemmed from the ethereal essence of femininity and the profound connection within sisterhood. This special collaboration with Cass wonderfully encapsulates the grace of the female figure through delicate watercolour strokes, and is characterised by Cass's distinctive coastal flair. Every clothing piece in this collection, named after goddesses, honours the core of womanhood while capturing the enduring allure of coastal beauty and timeless femininity.


Selene, the Greek moon goddess, embodies femininity through mystique and serenity. Radiant and ethereal, she symbolises the ever-changing phases of life. Her lunar connection highlights nurturing guidance and female intuition. In myths, Selene represents strength, mystique, and wisdom, symbolising life's cyclical nature and the enigmatic facets of femininity.

Womens Mini Dress 

The 'Selene Mini' is adorned with graceful 3/4 balloon sleeves and delicate front tie detailing. Embracing the distinctive iamwomen print, this dress exudes individuality. Its unique design and flattering silhouette, ensures timeless elegance and versatility.

Made with love from 70% cotton & 30% Linen 

A cotton/linen blend makes for a high quality, long lasting garment that is easy to care for and will last you many seasons to come. Cotton is a soft, natural fabrication that is breathable and draws moisture away from the skin, perfect for all day comfort and temperature regulation on a warm day. Linen is a durable and hypoallergenic fibre characterised by natural slubs and wrinkles which add character to a garment and make for a beautiful, textured fabrication.

Size Guide 

Model is wearing a size M/L

We usually try to steer away from using numbered sizing, as this can vary so much from brand to brand. Most of our products have an intentionally oversized design, so sizing also depends on factors such as your height, and your preferred fit.

As a general estimate:

XS/S 4 - 6
S/M 8 - 10
M/L 12 - 14
L/XL 16 - 18
XL/XXL 20 - 22


  IMPORTANT: When choosing your appropriate size, please allow for approximately 1cm of shrinkage after the first wash due to the nature of the fabrication