Inspired by femininity.

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Make Memories in Sûmor.

We believe that clothing should not only be a reflection of our individuality, but also a celebration of the moments that shape our lives. With our latest collection, sûmor, we hope to accompany you on your summer adventures, and become a part of your cherished memories.

Featuring exclusive artwork by Cass Deller

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Mix and Match - sûmor can be worn separately or as a set. It seamlessly blends with our existing range, acting as a testament to our commitment to timeless style and thoughtful design.

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make memories.

chase the sun

Our collections features effortless pieces inspired by salty beach days and endless summers. Designed for you.


made with love from natural fibre blends

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Designed to accomodate pregnant and breastfeeding mamas. Wear your favourite Ziggy pieces with a bump, breastfeeding and beyond.

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It's all in the details.

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