Sandy Embroidered Shorts - White

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Sandy Embroidered 

Sandy Embroidered is all about celebrating individuality and standing out from the crowd. Each garment is unique to it’s owner, with an embroidered print that is inspired by the diversity found within the ocean. Just like the wonders beneath the sea, your distinct qualities and quirks make you an invaluable gem in this world. Embrace your uniqueness with confidence - it’s your superpower.


Women's Shorts

Designed to wear high waisted and loose, the 'Sandy Embroidered Cotton/Linen Shorts' feature a comfortable, elastic waistband, drawstring and two side pockets


Designed to mix & match

The 'Sandy Embroidered Shorts' pair back effortlessly with our 'Sandy Embroidered Shirt'.


Made with love from 70% cotton & 30% linen  

A cotton/linen blend makes for a high quality, long lasting garment that is easy to care for and will last you many seasons to come. Cotton is a soft, natural fabrication that is breathable and draws moisture away from the skin, perfect for all day comfort and temperature regulation on a warm day. Linen is a durable and hypoallergenic fibre characterised by natural slubs and wrinkles which add character to a garment and make for a beautiful, textured fabrication.