The Concept | iamwomen

The Concept | iamwomen

Our inspiration for the iamwomen collection stemmed from the ethereal essence of femininity and the profound connection within sisterhood. We view sisterhood as a powerful bond that embodies solidarity, support, and shared experiences among women. It nurtures a sense of belonging and mutual understanding, fostering resilience and empowerment.

We are so grateful for the sense of community we find with women, as we continue to uplift each other, celebrate successes, and navigate challenges together. This connection fosters emotional growth and collective strength, creating a safe space for expression and healing. Through acts of kindness, empathy, and encouragement, sisterhood builds a foundation of trust and unity, proving that together, women can overcome obstacles and achieve greater heights.

Every clothing piece in this collection is named after goddesses, in honour of timeless femininity. 

Venus epitomises femininity through allure and grace. Her mythological essence symbolises feminine charm, and embodies elegance and passion. Representing beauty, desire, and emotional depth, Venus stands as an enduring symbol of feminine power.

Selene, the Greek moon goddess, embodies femininity through mystique and serenity. Radiant and ethereal, she symbolises the ever-changing phases of life. Her lunar connection highlights nurturing guidance and female intuition. In myths, Selene represents strength, mystique, and wisdom, symbolising life's cyclical nature and the enigmatic facets of femininity.

Athena is the powerful Greek goddess renowned for her intellect, strategic prowess, and creativity. Born fully grown from Zeus's head, Athena symbolises independence, rationality, and limitless power. Her diverse strengths serve as endless inspiration, mirroring the multifaceted capabilities inherent in every woman.

Eos, the Greek dawn goddess, epitomises femininity through ethereal transformation. Known for her beauty, she signifies new beginnings with vibrant dawn hues. As a celestial figure, she symbolises time's passage and nature's renewal. Eos embodies femininity by nurturing the world with each dawn, portraying maternal care and gentle allure. Eos represents feminine strength in nature's cycle, symbolising renewal and the transformative power of new beginnings.